Rotary Friendship Exchange

Rotary Friendship Exchange (RFE)

Friendship Exchange (New)The Rotary Friendship Exchange is a program enabling Rotarians and their families to carry out reciprical visits with Rotarians and their families in countries other than their own, either on an individual or team basis. It provides them with an opportunity to experience other cultures firsthand. Introduced in 1984, this program aims to advance international understanding among Rotarians by offering them an opportunity to form personal contacts and make long-lasting friendships while exploring different areas of the world. Several members of our club participated in RFE’s with several clubs in and around the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada area in July 2008; in Lincoln, England (June/July 2009); and Cornwall & Deep River, Ontario, Canada (July 2010). See all the details at RFE.

Download the Rotary Friendship Exchange Handbook for additional information.

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