Treasurer: Ofelia Mletzko

Ofelia was raised in Ciudad Juarez where she graduated from CBTis #114 and moved to El Paso in 1987. She attended the University of Phoenix in Santa Teresa and Park University in Fort Bliss, Tx., She is a Territory Sales Manager since 2001 for Sager Electronics, an Electro-Mechanical Distributor with Headquarters in Boston Mass. Her expertise lays on the Maquiladora Industry in Mexico, having served several Management positions in both the Maquiladora Industry and Sales of Raw Materials has kept her heavily involved in the Mexican Industrial Arena. She is one of the newer members of our Club, she joined in 2013 and Chair the First Bowling Tournament in 2013. She is an active runner and participates in local sporting events as the Mighty Mujer Triathlon and the Eagles in the Sun Triathlon, as well as several other local sporting events in the community. She trains with a group of Triathlets at the Leo Chancelleare Pool in the West Side of El Paso, and loves Traveling on both business and recreational as time permits. Her favorite past times includes running, swimming, bike riding, snorkeling, traveling and spending as much time possible with her kids, family and friends. Has two kids, Amy Duchene who is married to Marc Duchene, they are expecting Baby Ella who is due in Sept. 27, and Michael Arsenault who is married to Cynthia Garcia and they have a beautiful 6yr. old daughter. Both of her children are young Entrepenours in El Paso.  Amy is co-owner of 915 Sports and Michael is co-owner of Sparklean and FreshPress.