Vice-President: Russell Autry

Russell Autry is President of both the Reuel Group Incorporated and Sovereign Guidance. The Reuel Group is a company specializing in community engagement consulting and public opinion research, data mining and micro-targeting for community based organizations. Sovereign Guidance is an association management company. Russell is an internationally recognized speaker and instructor in the areas of community engagement, organization management, marketing and economic development. He is a past Chairman of the Board and faculty member of the Institutes for Organization Management, the national school for association management professionals. He is a past board member of the Washington, DC based Center for International Private Enterprise and has taught association professionals in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. As part of his volunteer work, he is a co-founder of and currently President of the International Society of Community Engagement Professionals and President of the Green Business Foundation. He serves on the board of directors of the University of Texas at El Paso Alumni Association. Russell is married to Elva Perez-Rubio Autry.